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Shopping Behaviour Xplained Ltd. (SBXL) does just that - they show brand owners (e.g. Kelloggs, Proctor & Gamble) and retailers (e.g. Asda, B&Q) exactly why shoppers buy what they buy and don't just rely on the shopper's explanation. An easy concept, but with the technically advanced psychological and emotional tools that they develop and employ, it's not such an easy concept to sell.

For over a decade, Creative Insight has been getting under SBXL's skin and as their MD himself says, "deliver more relevant and thought-through solutions"!


Over 10 years working for a client that understands buying behaviour at the rational and emotional level must be the ultimate endorsement of what we deliver and the way that we do it!

What we do for this client:
  • Branding
  • Literature
  • Direct Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Exhibitions & Seminars
  • Packaging
  • Merchandising
  • Content Managed Website
  • CRM
  • Business Management Tools
  • Mobile Apps
  • eAdvertising

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